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The mission of the expo is to raise scholarships for students to attend college. We will have a weeklong pitch event for students to present their ideas and commitment to their education. We plan to give out ten laptop computers and scholarships up to ten thousand dollars depending on donations. The theme for BLACK BUSINESS EXPO USA 2020 is ‘Economic Inclusion!’ – It is about that fire in your belly that urges you to say your piece and make a difference, empowered by your passion for creativity and economic inclusion. All of that creative business energy is coming together at BLACK BUSINESS EXPO USA 2020 virtual week, where creative leaders will present speaker sessions and workshops about questioning the status quo, financing, building and maintaining businesses, corporate relations and changing the business world for the better.

WHY DO WE PRESENT THE Business Expo is the most important. We do it for the students and the entrepreneurs! We have students and entrepreneurs calling us every day for assistance and for scholarships. The business gap and the economic crises is real and I believe will continue unless there is change. We support student who want study business administration, science, technology, advertising, marketing, public policy and five scholarships in entrepreneurships- We want student to start there on business while they are in school. NC is 28th largest state in the country - Number 8th ranked in Black Americans - The Triangle (Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill, North Carolina), population 2,146,254. Do you know 500 people! - Over 45 Billion Dollars in North Carolina

black business olympics

“The Black Business Expo Olympics!” This will be a seven- day experience during black business week in November! We are planning for Over One Hundred Speakers over seven days with outstanding topics. This year we will include different perspectives of The State of Black Business in North Carolina, a national perspective from corporations, diversity inclusion speakers, government perspective of how to marketing to them and small business and entrepreneurship perspective point of views. Seven days of education, inspiration, motivation, connections, networking and sales! Fireside chats, seminars, and workshops, corporate, organizational and entrepreneur presentations and more.

black business olympics
black business olympics
black business olympics
black business olympics
black business olympics
black business olympics
black business olympics

The Black Business Expo is an event organized by Dr. Eric Kelly III in order to bring attention and Exposure to Black entrepreneurs, clubs, organizations and service providers in the greater Durham area along with other cities from across North Carolina. We also aim to create space for networking among Black entrepreneurs in a of our day event that will give Business client and new income with new marketplaces. BBE offers direct access to more than consumers worldwide do. The mission is to stimulate growth and development within urban communities by strengthening businesses, inspiring youth, and building better business relationships between corporations and black businesses. THE BLACK BUSINESS EXPO USA is a learning hub for those in the business and corporate industry. As a not-for-profit, BLACK BUSINESS EXPO USA runs educational programs designed to help business and creative business professionals stay at the forefront of the rapidly changing corporate and business industries. BLACK BUSINESS EXPO USA is one of the largest business showcases in the history of black America in North Carolina. It exists to raise scholarships for student going to college in the North Carolina, and celebrate the uniqueness of corporations and business in the local business culture.

What You Are Looking For Is Looking For You. 

- Dr. Eric Kelly III

The Black Business Expo USA is always looking to connect, educate, and serve. If you would like to partner with us to help communities of color as well as local and national businesses serve disadvantage children businesses and cultures, please contact us today.

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