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Black Business Expo Events

We have made a name for ourselves by unearthing and amplifying business to corporate ideas. This is

what we do best. We excel at bringing statewide black business, corporations, organization, and

government agencies to our partners, either by inviting you into our events, injecting a bit of North

Carolina into yours, or better yet, dreaming up a combination of the two. Here is a chance to co-create

an unforgettable gathering of minds and souls determined to play part in changing the lives of students statewide.

At BLACK BUSINESS EXPO EVENTS, we are inviting you on a bold voyage into black business expo event

territory. We can guarantee thrilling glimpses of North Carolina’s business landscape ahead. This

journey could not matter more.

• Black Business Expo Positioning

• “We believe… that the Black Business Expo USA can raise ten laptops computers and ten scholarships

each year for students in high school studying to attend college by an event that showcases business

and corporation through community engagement, economic inclusion and diversity inclusion in North


• “We believe… we need to find and tell our incredible black business stories from across our

the organization that is often overlooked. We need to bring these stories to the forefront and share them

with the North Carolina corporations through compelling events that resonate with people.”

• Brand repositioning

• “We believe… we need to connect with thought leaders, black businesses, and corporations to share a

new brand mission and message of funding student scholarships in North Carolina.”

• Culture building

• “We believe… we need unique ways to recharge creatively and reinvigorate connections between our

brand mission, black businesses and corporations and the North Carolina at-large.”

• Managing through disruption

• “We believe… we need a flexible event, yet powerful platform to help us rethink scholarship funding

by, black businesses and corporations, inside and out – from professional development to marketable

brand awareness.”

• Insights gathering

• “We believe… we need to tap into the North Carolina’s most innovative thinkers, black businesses and

corporations to ponder what's new and what's next – listening, learning, and sharing their own


Professional development

“We Believe… to enhance black businesses and corporate brand building storytelling to improve ongoing brand development, recruitment, and retention efforts.”

Thought Leadership

“We believe… compelling ways to position business and corporate brands at the forefront of innovative thinking on diversity inclusion, community engagement, and economic development.”

Launching Management

“We Believe… to tell a captivating story about black businesses and corporate diversity, community engagement, business evolution, development, and ambition of new products and service, reaching influential attendees.”

“We believe… to tap into North Carolina’s most innovative thinkers to ponder what's new and what's next – listening, learning, and sharing our own perspective with business to corporate relationships.”

We have solutions as a community to help our students.

The Black Business Expo Events is an effective platform in ultimate exposure for Partners, Sponsors, African-American Businesses, financial institutions, and mass communication companies, technology companies, and many more. The Black Business Expo is a great event and resource for the statewide city, county & local government agencies, academic institutions, and various community resources. The Black Business Expo is designed for all vocations that have innovative products or services that can make a positive impact in the lives of the community. Here is a chance to be a part of an unforgettable gathering

of minds and souls determined to play a part in the changing of the lives of our students.

The events will unfold as follows: A week of ideas and connections through the high school to college scholarship pitch event.


Black Business Expo one of the largest Business showcases in Black America in North Carolina happens. The 2020 Black Business Expo with over showcase over 100 speakers and more than 5000 attendees expected at the year's incredible online event.

Topics proposed for Black Business Week

The Black Business Expo USA is one of the largest business showcases in the history of Black America in

the world! We represent over 20,000 members drawn from the public and private sectors across the

state of North Carolina.

The Black Business Expo USA goal is to give 10 laptops computers and 10 scholarships to students graduating from high school that plan to go to college. The scholarship area we support is business, art, technology, advertising, marketing, science and five scholarships in entrepreneurship. Our focus is on targeted learning, networking, building valuable new business relationships & finding the top

corporations that help Business Owners take strategic action to immediately improve their Business.

Elevate black business education their brand at the Virtual 2021 Black Business Expo USA with a Virtual Conference. Our community focus of Black Business Expo USA is to ensure that the needs of Black

Businesses and corporations are understood and considered in business development, government procurement, diversity, and decision-making across the state.

Each speaker will give us one hour of their time as a speaker for our students this year during black business network June 7th – 13th we are talking to business leaders from across the state and the

world. The event is also designed to inform, educate, and inspire corporations and businesses for seven

full days.

These are the workshops, fireside chats, and presentations requested for the Black Business Expo We

look forward to the results and the great speakers and presentations that will be presented during Black Business Week Olympics. The virtual event will be seven days from 8 am to 8 pm. Speaker topics and speakers we are reaching out for this year.

Monday – June 7, 2021, Business Education and Resources

• The State of Black Business Susan Shank - Bryon Lewis

• ABC of Starting A Business

• Advanced Business Strategy

• Becoming a Changemaker:

• Budgeting and Scheduling Projects-

• Building Your Leadership Skills

• Business Growth Strategy

• Business Intelligence Tools

• State and government contracts

• Business Plan Writing -

• Corporate Finance –

• Philanthropy Finance -

• What is Entrepreneurship

Tuesday - June 8, 2021 – Branding, PR, Advertising, Marketing, and Merchandising

• The State of Black Business Ervin Magic Johnson – Tyler Perry -

• Branding

• Advertising

• Marketing

• Public Relations

• Merchandising

• How to sell Your Products

• Copy write vs Trademarking

• Building a Business: Moving Your Product to the Market - Oxford University

• An Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing

• Building a Team

• Essentials of Advertising and Marketing

• Influencing People

Wednesday - June 9, 2021 (64 ways) marketing your company through Social media

• The State of Black Business – Robert Smith -

• Marketing through Social Media

• Social Media Digital Advertising

• Content & Social Media Strategies

• Effective Business Presentations with Social Media

• Fundamentals of Social Media Planning and Management

• 64 ways to post Social media

• Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, Part I –

• Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, Part II –

• High Stakes Leadership: Leading in Times of Social media –

• How to Develop Breakthrough Products and Services

• How to Launch a Successful Startup Company -

• How to Start Social Media Campaign

• Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Thursday - June 10, 2021, Brilliant Women issues in business

• The State of Black Business - HUD Office

• Introduction to Data Analytics for Business –

• Introduction to Entrepreneurship –

• Introduction to Financial Accounting

• Leadership in 21st Century Organizations -

• Marketing Analytics

• Marketing in a Digital World –

• Introduction to Financial Accounting -

• Introduction to Strategic Management

• Investment Philosophies

• Leadership Through Social Influence

• Legal Tech & Startups

• Managing Social and Human Capital

Friday - June 11, 2021, Bridging the gap baby vs millennials and generation X

• The State of Black Business –

• Entrepreneurship 1: Developing the Opportunity

• Introduction to Social Innovation

• Entrepreneurship 2: Launching your Start-Up

• Entrepreneurship 3: Growth Strategies

• Entrepreneurship 4: Financing and Profitability

Entrepreneurship and Business Planning

Entrepreneurship through the Lens of Venture Capital

• Business: Essentials

• Financial Accounting Fundamentals

• Financial Planning and Money Management

• Foundations of Business Strategy

• Principles of Management

• Foundations of Everyday Leadership

Saturday - June 12, 2021, Black Business Expo USA

• The State of Black Business – Governor’s Office

• Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change

• Private Equity and Venture Capital

• Project Management: The Basics for Success

• Startups - Strategic Marketing - Contemporary Issues

• Strategic Planning and Execution

• Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

• Supply Chain Management & Logistics: An Intro to Principles and Concepts

• Technology and Entrepreneurship

• The Fundamentals of Revenue Management: The Cornerstone of Revenue Strategy

• The Iterative Innovation Process

• The New Entrepreneurs

Sunday - June 13, 2021

• The Church and the State of Black Business

• The New Church the Wealth Philosophy

• Church as a Business

• How to connect businesses in the church

• Branding the Church

• Why the Church as a business

• Faith-Based Businesses

• Mega Church Vs Small Church

The Topic and Workshops:

1) Be Your Own Boss: Steps to Small Business Start-Up

• Starting a Business

• Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents

• Legal Structures

• Business Licenses, DBAs, and Resale Tax Nos.

• Home-Based Business

• Choosing a Banking Institution

• Financing & Recordkeeping

• Publicity

2) Keeping the Books: The Secret to Growth & Profit

• Functions & Types of Recordkeeping

• General Records and Deductible Expenses for Small Business

• Developing Financial Statements

• Federal Taxes for Which You May be Liable

• General Recordkeeping Schedule

• Analyzing Financial Statements

3) Marketing: Developing and Implementing a Winning Marketing Strategy

• Market Analysis

• Developing a Marketing Strategy

• Sales and Distribution

• Packaging, Pricing, and Branding

• Database Marketing

4) Marketing: Developing and Implementing a Sales and Advertising plan

• Sales Strategies and Sales Incentives

• Advertising, Public Relations, and Networking

• Customer Service

• Implementation of Marketing Strategy

• Assessing Marketing Effectiveness

• Branding, Marketing, Advertising,

5) Is Your Business Viable?

• Pricing/Costing Your Product or Service

• Definition of Business Viability

• How a Product or Service is Priced

• Researching the Market to Determine "Price Ceiling"

• Looking Realistically at Costs - "Price Floor"

• Understanding the Importance of Cash Flow

• Determining Viability through use of Formulas

• Adjusting of Components to Create Viability

6) Propelling Your Company into the Future: Write a Winning Business Plan

• Why do you need a Business Plan?

• What Lenders and Investors Look For

• Developing an Exit Strategy

• Executive Summary

• Part I - Organizational Plan

• Part II - Marketing Plan

• Part III - Financial Documents

• Supporting Documents

• Keeping Your Plan Up-to-Date

• Presenting Your Plan

7) Business Planning Through Technology:

• Automate Your Business Plan with Software & Save 100+ Hours

• Marketing and Financial Research via Internet hot links

• Learning to use the software

• Developing your marketing plan

• Developing your financial plan with pre-formatted, pre-formulated, and linked (integrated) financial statements

• Planning your finances with Amortizing software

• Preparing to present your plan to a lender or investor

• Includes one-on-one guidance by business planning experts

• Pre-requisite: Basic computer literacy